Is There Really A Perfect Garden?

We hear it all the time. People constantly asking for help designing a perfect garden. That they want their garden to be perfect in every way possible. The perfect size, the perfect shape, even with all the perfect features. But, is there really such a thing as a perfect garden?

The truth is, there really is no such thing as a perfect garden. This is a huge misconception that we need to get out of our minds. A misconception that we need to forget about and stop trying to reach. Whilst there may not be a perfect garden, there is our own dream garden that will be in some ways perfect for us, but it will never truly be a perfect garden.

The idea of having a perfect garden is an unusual thought to have. In life, there is never really anything that can be completely perfect. When you have reached your idea of a perfect garden, you will likely look back out onto your garden and see things that you want to change. Things that could be moved around, updated or cleaned to again make another perfect garden. So, it will always seem as if you are chasing the ideal of having a perfect garden when the perfect garden is constantly changing.

You do not want to spend you time chasing the ideology of having a perfect garden, this does not exist. You may think it exists, but you will be spending more of your time, effort and money chasing this dream that you will never achieve.

So,what do we suggest you do? We suggest that you stop chasing the idea of having a perfect garden. That you make the garden you have what you want. Trends will always be changing so you will never be able to keep up. Think about yourself and what will work well for you and your family, not what is on trend and deemed perfect at the time.

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