Edible Gardens – Why Are They Becoming Popular?

Creating edible gardens is one trend that we saw a spike within 2020. With many novice gardeners taking the plunge and creating an edible garden. You may be wondering what an edible garden even is. Well, today we are going to share with you what it is, and why it is becoming so popular!

What Is An Edible Garden?
An edible garden is essentially where you only grow plants that are edible. For example, planting and growing plants which are fruit or veg. Edible gardens include the growth of, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and anything else you can eat. This garden will generally start with a few pots or flower beds, and grow to take over your garden.

Why Is An Edible Garden Becoming Popular?
With the likes of 2020, we saw a year where people were struggling to purchase food. With some people heading out and panic buying leaving no goods for the rest of us. This sparked the popularity growth in edible gardens. People deemed it necessary to begin growing their own food to ensure they had some sort of food being provided to them. Giving them the safety of having some sort of food to come their way.

Growing an edible garden can also be easier than growing and caring for flowers. But with edible gardens, most of their plants will flower. Still giving you the splash of colour from flowers and the crops.

Finally, an edible garden is a sustainable way to grow your own crops. You will be saving on money, saving on unnecessary plastics. Which in the end helps you to play your part in saving the environment.

So, now you know more about edible gardens. Will you be one to join the trend in 2021. We can expect to see more growth in this industry, so why don’t you join us.

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