Weed Control For Your Garden

Every gardener’s pet hate is having weeds appearing all over their garden where they are truly not wanted! So, today we are going to share with you some of our weed control top tips, helping to keep your garden weed-free!

Keep Soil Disturbance Low
Your garden is bound to be full of weeds that you cannot see. Only a small number of weeds will actually show themself on the surface due to them being able to gain enough sunlight. So, to maintain weed control you want to have a little soil disturbance as possible. Digging out your weeds, not only removes them but gives the weeds below enough sunlight to amplify their growth. Meaning not long after you have finished weeding, you will notice new ones appearing! So instead of digging, use a sharp knife to carefully remove the weeds with little disturbance.

Water The Plants You Want
To avoid extra weed growth, you should only water the plants that you want to see grow. Try to avoid watering the weeds at all costs as this will help to slow down their growth. Helping to keep your garden weed-free for as long as possible.

Chop Off Their Heads
Weeds and plants alike go through a stage where they will release their seeds into the wild. Before this occurs you will want to cut off and dispose of the heads of the weeds. This helps you minimise the amount of weed spread in your garden.

All of these techniques will help you to minimise the amount of weed spread in your garden. Helping you to prevent your garden from becoming overrun with weeds. These simple techniques will help you to combat weed growth in your garden.

Let us know any of your personal top tips for combatting weed growth. Let’s help each other out, and overcome weeds together.

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