All About Cordylines

Cordylines have become a very popular plant/tree over the past few years. Cordylines generally start as a plant then as they lower leaves die and fall they leave a trunk-like stem. They can grow really tall and do survive fairly well in the English climate. However, you may find your Cordyline fails to thrive or starts to die off during the winter wet months. Cordylines prefer dryer soil and to be protected from strong winds. If your cordylines roots become too waterlogged they may root. If the leaves become brown and shed at a fast rate there is a risk your cordyline is dying.  Feel the trunk part. It should feel solid with no sponges areas. If the trunk has become sponges at the top you should chop the trunk to the height of the solid section. Some will reshoot or regrow at the bottom, by if they are spinet near to the root they may be too rotten to save.  

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